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heal.publicationDate 2007-09
heal.bibliographicCitation Dimoula, Y., Iordani, M., Konstantinou, M., Kamenidou, D., Zirilios, K., Katsaouni, M., Galiatsatos, G., Tsamoudaki, S., Kabisiouli, E.. (2007). Attitudes towards abortion. "Health Science Journal". 1 (3), 10-20. en
heal.abstract Purpose: This research had as an aim to estimate Greek’ citizens attitude toward abortion. Methods: In the research participated 1017 persons, 274 (26.9%) were male and 743 (73.1%) female. The average age was 26.69 years and SD ±10.183. 60.3% was not married, 32% was married, 5.7% divorced and 0.8% widow. 78.1% was citizens of Athens and the rest were living in the suburbs. In order to collect the information, it was used a 20‐ closed type questionnaire which the members of the research team were filling up, by personal interview. Results: 13.9% declare that has done abortion and from those, 60.7% refers to the reason of not being married. For the abortion was the companion in a percentage of 87.3%. 51. 1% of women who have done abortion, believes that is action is a murder, the same thing believes 68.8% of those who haven’t done an abortion (p<0.001). The same opinion has 64.9% of those who states that they believe in God, in contrast to 37.2% who do not believe (p<0.001) 23.3% of those who believe in God, considers abortion to be a sin, no matter what the reason may be for this action, in contrast to 62.4% who don’t think that it’s a sin and they do not believe in God (p<0.001) 78.3% of those who have done an abortion would feel guilty after this action. Abortion is a dilemma believes the percentage of το 80.6% of those who have done one, in contrast to 72.6% who haven’t done one. Conclusions 13.9% of the whole sample has done an abortion and in a percentage of 87.3% the companion agreed with that. 58.8% believes that abortion is a sin. 72.7% answers that there is no sufficient information from the Media. 68.6% wouldn’t have done an abortion, in case of financial help from the state. el
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