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dc.title On the response of Y3Al5O12: Ce (YAG: Ce) powder scintillating screens to medical imaging X-rays en
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heal.publicationDate 2005
heal.bibliographicCitation Kandarakis, I., Cavouras, D., Sianoudis, I., Nikolopoulos, D., Episkopakis, A., et al. (February 2005). On the response of Y3Al5O12: Ce (YAG: Ce) powder scintillating screens to medical imaging X-rays. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. 538(1-3). pp. 615–630. Elsevier Science Ltd. Available from: [Accessed 16/09/2004] en
heal.abstract The aim of this study was to examine Y3Al5O12:Ce (also known as YAG:Ce) powder scintillator under X-ray imaging conditions. This material shows a very fast scintillation decay time and it has never been used in X-ray medical imaging. In the present study various scintillator layers (screens) with coating thickness ranging from 13 to 166 mg/cm2 were prepared in our laboratory by sedimentation of Y3Al5O12: Ce powder. Optical emission spectra and light emission efficiency (spectrum area over X-ray exposure) of the layers were measured under X-ray excitation using X-ray tube voltages (80–120 kVp) often employed in general medical radiography and fluoroscopy. Spectral compatibility with various optical photon detectors (photodiodes, photocathodes, charge coupled devices, films) and intrinsic conversion efficiency values were determined using emission spectrum data. In addition, parameters related to X-ray detection, energy absorption efficiency and K-fluorescence characteristic emission were calculated. A theoretical model describing radiation and light transfer through scattering media was used to fit experimental data. Intrinsic conversion efficiency (ηC≈0.03–0.05) and light attenuation coefficients View the MathML source were derived through this fitting. Y3Al5O12:Ce showed peak emission in the wavelength range 530–550 nm. The light emission efficiency was found to be maximum for the 107 mg/cm2 layer. Due to its “green” emission spectrum, Y3Al5O12:Ce showed excellent compatibility (of the order of 0.9) with the sensitivity of many currently used photodetectors. Taking into account its very fast response Y3Al5O12:Ce could be considered for application in X-ray imaging especially in various digital detectors. en
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heal.journalName Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A en
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