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dc.subject Βρουκέλλωση
dc.subject Λοίμωξη κοινότητας
dc.subject Brucellosis
dc.subject Community infection
dc.title Η βρουκέλλωση σαν λοίμωξη της κοινότητας el
dc.title Brucellosis, a community infection en
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heal.classification Ιατρική
heal.classification Παθολογία
heal.classification Medicine--Pathology
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heal.publicationDate 2009-02-06
heal.bibliographicCitation Γκαμπράνης, Ι.Β., Μαργαρίτης, Α., Καπετάνος, Γ., Ζιάκα, Μ., Νασιάκος, Γ.Ι., Παπαδόπουλος, Β., Καλατζής, Κ., Παπαλαγάρα, Γ., Καρανίκας, Κ.. (2009). Η βρουκέλλωση σαν λοίμωξη της κοινότητας. "Ιατρικά Χρονικά". ΚΒ (1), 33-38. el
heal.abstract Brucellosis continues to be an important source of morbidity in several countries, particularly among agricultural and pastoral populations. Clinical and laboratory data from 27 patients with acute brucellosis were statistically analysed with the SPSS 11.0 for Windows program. The commonest symptoms observed in our study population were fever (88.8%), sweating (66,6%), arthralgias (66,6%), fatigue (55,5%), headache (40%), anorexia (22,2%), weight loss (18.5%), irritability (11,1%), spondylitis (11,1%), sacroiliitis (11,1%), peripheral arthritis (3,7%), symptoms of meningo-engefalitis (3,7%) and chest pain (3,7%). We confirmed one case of neurobrucellosis, one case of myocarditis, whereas one patient suffered rupture of his splen. Blood cultures were positive in 48,14% of cases. The duration of antimicrobial therapy (median, 90 days; range, 42-270 days) varied according to clinical response. The relapse rate was 23,7% and it was higher in the team of patients receiving treatment for an interval up to two months. en
heal.publisher Μωραίτου-Σιδερίδη, Ε. Μ. el
heal.journalName Ιατρικά Χρονικά el
heal.journalName Medical Annals en
heal.journalType peer-reviewed
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