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heal.publicationDate 2011-11-30
heal.bibliographicCitation Koutelekos, I., Vouloukou, G., Koukoularis, D., Dousis, E. and Polykandrioti, M. et al. (2011) Dietary habits during childhood. Acta Pædiatrica. [Online] 100 (Suppl. 463), pp.124. Available from: [Accessed 19/04/2015] en
heal.abstract Introduction: Adequate and correct dietary is considered essential for mental and physical growth and maintenance of good health of children. During recent years, rapid changes were remarked in understanding both the significance of proper diet during childhood and the prevention of disease in childhood and adult life. However, some inter-family or out-family factors exert negative influence on children’s diet. Purpose: The purpose of the present study was to explore dietary habits during childhood and the factors affecting them. Material-Methods: The sample-studied consisted of 213 parents whose children were hospitalized in paediatrics hospitals. Data were collected by the completion of a specially designed questionnaire. For the statistical analysis of data was used statistical package SPSS-15 and the statistical method v2 -test. Results: Of 213 parents 14.1% were fathers and 85.9% mothers. A 89.2% of the participants were married, 3.3% unmarried and 7.5% divorced or widow. A 75.1% lived within area of Attica, and 24.9% out of Attica. A 29.6% of parents reported that their children had no breakfast and 19.7% reported that some of the main meal is fast-food. Statistical analysis of data showed that the divorced participants reported more frequently that their children drank no milk in morning, P = 0.017, didn’t accompany their meal with salad, P = 0.009 and perceived that their children followed no proper diet, P = 0.003. Parents of tertiary education reported more frequently that their children consumed preservative foods, P = 0.016 and soft drinks, P = 0.002. Children whose parents were of low-income took exercise less frequently, drank more soft-drinks, rarely drank milk, consumed fry food, P = 0.007, P = 0.003, P = 0.032, P = 0.020, respectively. Private employees reported that their children consumed more frequently fastfood, P = 0.007. Children of parents living in country-side, consumed more frequently whole meal bread, more fishes, more vegetables and dried fruits, P = 0.045, P = 0.002, P = 0.018, P = 0.020, respectively. Conclusions: The most common factors affecting dietary habits of children are the income, marital status, place of residence, education level and occupation of their parents. en
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