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dc.title Teasing behaviours at preschool age en
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heal.bibliographicCitation Kakouros, E. et al. (2009) Teasing behaviours at preschool age: Does it matter?. In 11th European Congress of Psychology, CD of Abstracts. 7th-10th July 2009. Oslo, p.211 en
heal.abstract The study aims to investigate teasing behaviours among Greek preschoolers, given that there are limited studies regarding this age group. Method: Mothers of 200 children (mean age=68.1 months, s.d.=10.1 months), enrolled in kindergartens in Athens, completed a questionnaire conducted by the authors, for the investigation of several forms of teasing behaviour. Results: Psychological forms of teasing (78%) are most commonly reported among preschoolers, while verbal (13.8%) and physical (8.2%) forms of teasing are less frequently reported. Approximately 14% of the children have been reported as teasers. Teasers were found to exhibit higher levels of stress and lower self-esteem compared to their classmates [x2 (2,183)=12.9, p<.001]. Also, they were more likely to face attention problems compared to non-teasers [x2 (1,172)=6.1, p<.05]. Conclusion: Parents seem to be able to acknowledge teasing/victimization behaviours during the preschool years which should serve as an important period to our understanding of bullying onset.
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