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dc.subject Medical personnel
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dc.subject Myocardial infarction
dc.subject Coronary artery bypass
dc.subject Rehabilitation hospital
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dc.subject Καρδιακό επεισόδιο
dc.subject Στεφανιαία αρτηριακή νόσος
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dc.subject Μεταμόσχευση
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dc.subject Cardiac event
dc.subject Coronary artery bypass graft
dc.title The role of nursing education after a cardiac event en
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heal.publicationDate 2012-12
heal.bibliographicCitation Kadda, O, Marvaki, C. & Panagiotakos, D. (December 2012). The role of nursing education after a cardiac event. “Health Science Journal”. 6(4):634-646. en
heal.abstract Background: After a major cardiovascular event, patients experience many problems regarding the outcome of the disease or rehabilitation including concern about return in their previous life. Recovering from a cardiac event is a complex procedure that presents psychological and physical needs that continue after discharge from hospital. The purpose of this review was to explore the role of nursing education after a cardiac event or procedure. Material and Methods: Studies published in English between 2002 and 2011 were selected through a computer-assisted literature search (i.e., Pubmed, and Scopus The computer searches used combinations of key words relating to the role of nursing (i.e., nursing support, nursing training, nursing education, coronary artery disease) and cardiac rehabilitation. Results: Many studies have highlighted the value of nursing support in cardiac rehabilitation programs. In particular, there is an amount of evidence that a nurse- led educational program is closely associated with reduce rate of complications, of anxiety following cardiac events and readmissions to hospital. Moreover, the therapeutic lifestyle-change intervention into a nursing program effectively modifies cardiac risk factors and may improve prognosis. Conclusion: The benefits of nursing support in cardiac rehabilitation patients can improve health outcomes and reduce the risk of a new cardiac event. It is of most importance for nurses to meet the rehabilitative care needs of patients through education, support, supervision and reinforcement. en
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